Precision HVAC Product Line

Precision Adhesives and Chemicals serves the HVAC construction industry by supplying the best quality UL listed duct sealants and insulation adhesives available.
We have a product for every job. We produce water and solvent based adhesives in a range of viscosities appropriate for every means of application. We produce sealants made with flammable and non-flammable solvents, and also a flame retardant sealant.


Precision Adhesives and Chemicals pioneered the use of water-based duct sealants with the introduction of PA-4084. PA-4084 is still the industry standard for the best quality water-based duct sealant available. It has zero volitile organic compounds, making it pleasant to work with and safe for the environment.

PA-653 offers similiar health and environmental benefits at a lower cost but still outstanding quality.

Our PA2084 and EZ6010 are rated as the premium lines of solvent based duct sealants within the industry. This is not simply our finding, but also HVAC industry leaders such as Nailor Industries. Nailor specifies our PA2084 to be used in all their fire damper installations.

Underwriters Laboratories test results for PA2084 and EZ6010 are a "Flame Spread" of 5 and "Smoke Developed" of 5. These values are much lower than most other brands of sealants.

Two new additions to our product line are PA2084A and EZ6010A. These UL listed duct sealants share all the great properties of PA2084 and EZ6010. In addition to that, because they are made using only acetone, PA2084A and EZ6010A have no reportable VOC.

We also produce solvent based sealants of varying viscosities, including a fiber reinforced sealant. Our EZ4719NF is non-flammable and flame-retardant.

In addition to our line of sealants, we produce a wide variety of duct insulation adhesives and lagging compounds, both water and solvent based, designed for almost any type of application method.

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